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A satisfying life is one where the physical, emotional, mental and social needs are in equilibrium. This life is within your reach if you know the rules to live by.  Life itself is short so why not try to make the best use of it by living your best life? Below are effective ways to lead a more satisfying life.

Exercise regularly and Eat Healthy Foods

Exercise regularly and eat healthy foods. Try to have more fun with your life. Do not limit yourself and make sure you try everything. Be more spontaneous. You’ll be happy and thankful for all these later in your life.

Limit The Use Of Social Media

Try to limit the excessive use of social media and never compare your life to anyone’s life. People often share their best life on social media and not their actual everyday lives. Read more “ I’ll never compare my life to yours. that’s why I’m happy”.

ways to lead a satisfying life

ways to lead a satisfying life

Stop Living In Your Past

Never hold on to the failed promises of the past but embrace the sweet hope of the future. Living in your past can prevent you from moving into your beautiful future . Embrace the power of “now” and let it work its magic for you. You’ll be happier once you let the burdens of the past go.

ways to lead a satisfying life

Forgive Yourself, Forgive Others

When you hold on to a grudge, you’re like a caged bird and you know caged birds cannot fly. Forgive and let go and you’ll fly so high and your mind will becomes so free. You’ll be free of the shackles of hate and un-forgiveness.


Save Money

Learn to save money. There will be times in your life when your savings will come in handy. A little penny saved everyday can amount to millions in a few years. Wanna learn how to save and invest your money? click to read more: “Money saving tips: tips for better savings”.

save money

save money

Keep in Touch With Family and Friends

Try to always stay in touch with family and friends. If possible, call your mom and dad everyday, they will appreciate your love. Stay in touch with those who matter most. Call your siblings, your best friend and tell them you love them.

friends and family

Learn a new skill

Try to acquire a new skill, teach yourself something new. Whatever you set your mind to can be achieved if you really work hard for it. There are a million plus skills you can acquire and trust me, you’ll never know how a learned skill today can help you tomorrow.

Invest your Time and Energy Wisely

Do not invest your time and energy in things or people that don’t matter. Is it a friend that causes you pain everyday? Cut him/her loose. Is it work? Whatever it is, do not let it add more stress to your life.

ways to lead a satisfying life

Take a Trip

Whenever you can, take a trip, visit new places, embrace new cultures, try new foods and live your life to the fullest. When you travel, it opens your mind and heart. You get to see how people live and interact with others. Your life just becomes more meaningful and interesting when you travel.

Start Your Relationships with the 3C’s

Before you enter any romantic relationship, ensure you start with the 3C’s ; connection, compatibility and chemistry. When you love, love completely, no half measures.  And if the relationship no longer makes you happy, learn to let go. A good relationship can be a constant source of joy and happiness to your life whereas a bad one can only bring you pain and misery. 

ways to lead a satisfying life

ways to lead a satisfying life

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