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Hey Wise ones, It’s Angela again I told y’all I’ll be back, so here I am for another post, a basic vintage outfit. As some of you might know, I’m a medical student as well, we had just finished one of our rotations and decided to go out for a nice time.

I’m a makeup enthusiast and I’m always excited to do my makeup and for this day, I came up with this:

Girl with vintage styled outfit


For my outfit, I wanted a ‘vintage’ look. Vintage items are always stylish and can be worn in various ways. So I decided to pick this vintage over-sized shirt that I stole from Maji’s wardrobe. I loved the patterns and drawings on it, and the fabric feels so soft and nice – most of all, it has a ‘greenish’ background which was a perfect match for my eye makeup.

Retro design

Vintage outfit

I knew I was going to wear a high waisted jean so I decided to knot the shirt to make it slightly cropped. You see what I was saying about vintage pieces , it can be styled in various ways.

retro styled outfit


For the bottoms, still working with a vintage theme, I choose my favorite style of jeans which is the boyfriend/mom Jean. I rolled up the tips for an even more vintage look and I used a brown old belt which you may or may not be able to see in the pictures.

Girl with vintage styled outfit

Retro outfit

My shoes are a pair of basic white sneakers which for me is a ‘must-have’. I’ll work on a post for wardrobe staples as soon as I can. I got them from Berhska. Click for link.

Girl with retro and jacket

Retro Jacket

For my accessories, I kept them minimal. Plus I’m not so much of an accessory person.
As I mentioned in my last post. Click to see post.

Retro outfit


I love bagpacks, so I went for a black plain one for this look.

boyfriend jean and bagpack

Shoe and Bag

My earrings are these silver dangling ones with some stone-like detailing.

brown Jacket withvintage outfit


I love wristwatches and simple bracelets so I wore both for this look.

Image of watch and bracelet

Watch and Bracelet

And so that was how this vintage outfit was put together. For me, fashion is a personal expression. There are no rules except the ones you’ve created. So feel free to put together what works for you. Create your own style, one that is unique to you.

Girl smiling


Just go with the flow, keep collecting and putting items you love together and make it your style.

Thank you so much for reading.

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I’ll be glad if you leave a comment, I’ll love to know what your styles are.
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