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You’ve heard it before “health is wealth”. The human body is a very complex machine and just like every other machine, it needs proper care and maintenance. The little things we do to our bodies matter. From the food we eat to what we drink, the thoughts we feed our minds etc. Have you often wondered how you can take proper care of your body? Look no further as this list highlights ways to improve health in your 20’s.

Think of the body as an egg. Like an egg is always protected so it doesn’t crack, so does the human body need even more protection and care. 

The body has several organs and systems which must always work together to ensure homeostasis. Think of the value of the teeth, when the teeth are absent, you cannot chew food and therefore this makes feeding difficult. The same goes for every single organs of the human body. 

Going by the basic high school biology, we are made up of cells which are the basic unit of life. Cells aggregate together to form tissues and tissues make organs and organs make system. There are several systems of the body which are: respiratory system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, nervous system, renal and urinary system, immune system etc. 

All these systems of the body must work together to ensure that even in our 40’s, 50’s, and older ages, we remain healthy and strong. What are those things you can do in your 20’s to ensure that you remain healthy and strong? I’ve made it easy for you. Here are list of ways to improve your health.

Regular exercise

The benefit of exercise cannot be overstated. Regular exercise has several benefits which include: making you feel happier, boosting a positive self image, make you lose weight, help skin health, reduce the risk of several chronic diseases etc. Read more about the Amazing benefits of exercise. 

Proper nutrition

Just like with exercise, nutrition plays a huge role in living a healthy life. Eating right can help boost your life span, make you look good and also feel good. You are what you eat. Check out how to improve your health.

Limit salt intake

Too much salt can  put you at risk for hypertension or even hypernatremia (excess sodium in the blood). For those already diagnosed with hypertension, limiting your salt intake can improve your blood pressure. In addition too much salt can cause bloating. If you have a huge belly, reducing your salt intake is something you may want to consider. 

Reduce alcohol intake 

Excessive alcohol is toxic to a lot of organs in our body from the skin to the liver. Dietary guidelines for Americans recommends that if alcohol is consumed, it should be one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men.

Limit sugar intake 

Diabetes is a multi-organ disease. It’s a frequent cause of death and disability. Limiting your sugar intake can help prevent diabetes and improve your sugar levels if you have already been diagnosed. 

Protect your skin from the harmful radiation of the sun 

The sun is not your friend, well to some extent because we need vitamin D. It is essential to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays of the sun because these radiations can put you at risk for skin cancer. Always use SPF (sunscreen) to protect yourself irrespective of your race or skin complexion. 

Get enough sleep 

We all need to rest our bodies and minds. Sleep avails us the much need rest. Try to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep. Read more about how to get the perfect sleep every night.

Quit smoking or never pick up smoking 

It’s no news that smoking is bad for the lungs but asides that smoking affects other organs of the body like the skin by causing premature aging. It also affects the reproductive organs especially in males. Do you want to quit smoking?  Read about how to quit smoking.

Protect your mental health

In as much as your physical health is important, so is your mental health.Your mental health affects how you feel, think, and act. It affects how we live our day to day life. So as we strive to protect our bodies from physical illnesses, we should also protect our minds from mental illnesses. 

Check your blood pressure

Checking your blood pressure regularly can help prevent hypertension or control it if you have already been diagnosed. 

Check your blood sugar levels

Checking your blood sugar regularly can help you prevent diabetes or control it if the diagnosis of diabetes has already been made. 

Drink a lot it water 

Our body needs about 6l of water a day for proper body function. Adequate fluid consumption can help prevent dehydration, help skin rejuvenation, protect kidney health etc. 

Use a condom and take better sexual health precautions

There are several ways to improve sexual health but it’s important to limit the number of sexual partners and avoid unprotected sex.

Be mindful of your posture

Your body posture is very important from the way you sit to the way you walk. Maintaining a good  posture can help prevent musculoskeletal issues as you age.

De- stress regularly 

Stress is bad for our health so it is important for us to find healthy coping strategies for stress. Alway make room for things you enjoy and avoid burnout.  Do you want to know how you can manage stress effectively? read more about stress and how to manage it. 

We all want to better our lives and be the best version of ourselves at all times but most of us do not know how to achieve these because we have some bad habits that have permanently become a part of us. I’m sure when the year started, Most of us had plans to change certain areas of our lives and it’s been 4 months into the year and there isn’t much difference from our older selves. There is still time to make amends and become that best version of yourself and you can do this by making little changes in different areas of your life. Click here to read 9 good habits that leads to a better life. 

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Are we taking good care of our health? Our health is our most important gift but we often take it for granted. Without good health, we cannot function. How much do you know about your health? This list highlights how to be healthy. 

Take a moment to really think of when you were sick. How did you feel? Did you want to remain sick or you wanted to get better? I’m sure we all wanted the later because the feeling of being sick isn’t something anyone would want. Do you want to know how to be healthy? keep reading to find out. 

Exercise Regularly

Everyone needs exercise. A sedentary lifestyle has a negative effect on the body. People who are active most of the time are less likely to develop a cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and are less likely to die early. Read about the benefits of exercise.

Check your Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar

Once in a while, ensure to check your blood pressure and blood sugar. These are silent killers and usually do not give symptoms in the early stages. At least for a start, ensure to get checked once a year. 

Protect your Teeth

Do not use a hard toothbrush and when you brush, don’t brush too hard. Brushing too hard wears away your gum. Overtime your gum becomes very weak and your teeth will fall out. It will also be prone to bleeding easily. Also never neglect your tongue. Wash away the plaques built up on the surface of the tongue everyday. 

Do not wash the inside of  your Vagina with Soap

It is good for us to stay clean and women might often be tempted to wash inside their vaginas with soap. Washing your vagina with such products can disrupt the ph of your vagina and can cause yeast infection. The vagina is self cleansing and does not need any product to make it clean. You can wash the Labia with a mild soap. 

Don’t Abuse Antibiotics 

Never abuse drugs. Many people fall into the habit of using antibiotics for every illness. Antibiotics are medications that are effective against bacterial infections. So ensure to visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis of what illness you have before you take drugs. 

Avoid Drug Overdose 

Don’t overdose on drugs. Drug overdose can actually kill you. Taking more than the prescribed drug dosage can cause serious harm to your liver and kidneys. Drugs can have adverse side effects if not used correctly.

Quit smoking 

Smokers are liable to die young. Smoking has several adverse effects on the body including cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, low sperm count, lung cancer and other forms of cancer. Smoking damages the neurons in the brain and can cause dementia. Smoking can cause dentition problems leaving you with very poor oral hygiene. More so, smoking can lead to an unhealthy skin where the skin becomes wrinkled and dry and you start aging prematurely. 

Protect your Sexual Health

Be mindful of your sexual health. It is advisable to stick to one partner, but in cases of having multiple partners, you should take proper measures to protect yourself from sexually transmitted disease. STDs are spread by having unprotected-sexual  intercourse with infected partners. They include HIV, Syphilis, genital warts, gonorrhea etc. prevention they say is better than cure. 

Never neglect your Health 

Do not neglect your body and health. Men and women sometimes can pee blood when they urinate. Blood in urine needs to be reported to your doctor because it’s an emergency which could be life threatening. There might be several causes of blood in urine including urinary tract infection, prostate cancer in men, kidney failure, etc. Read about how you can improve your health. 

Avoid detoxifying Products

Please be warned that the kidneys and liver are two major detoxifying organs of the body. You don’t need any herbal mixtures to help you detox’s. Most of these mixtures are  poisonous to the body and can often do more harm than good.

Check your Blood Sugar 

Diabetes is one of the scariest diseases you can have if left untreated. It can cause ‘neuropathies’ which can lead to limb amputation, ‘retinopathy’ which can cause blindness and ‘nephropathy’ which causes kidney failure. Type 2 diabetes is really prevalent so if you want to avoid all these complications, ensure to check your blood sugar frequently.

Limit Alcohol consumption 

Excessive Alcohol consumption can seriously damage your health. It has been linked to liver diseases, vitamin deficiencies, malnourishment, brain damage including; blurred vision, slurred speech, very slow reaction time. Alcohol consumption is also a major case of road traffic accidents, domestic violence, suicide etc. 

Learning how to be healthy doesn’t cost a thing. It only requires your time and effort. I hope this post was indeed helpful in teaching you how to be healthy.

Everyone wants to be successful whether it’s in your business, career, relationship, family, education etc. All over the world today there are several successful people and when you examine their lives closely, they all have a lot in common. I’m sure you to want to be successful so here are a few tips on how to be successful.

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9 Unbelievable Tips to Gain Admission in Nigeria no matter what!

9 Unbelievable Tips to Gain Admission in Nigeria no matter what!

In Nigeria, if 1000 students apply for admission only a 100 will be selected! Well, that’s conclusive! But look here; I am about to show you 9 unbelievable tips on how to gain admission no matter what.

Come on, let’s have a bit of fun; Close your eyes for three minutes. Hey, I mean it, do that! Now, while your eyes are closed, just imagine where you would be five years from now.

Omg! I don’t know how to feel right now; eventually, hundreds of people reading this in five years time will live a life whereby they will have to struggle to make a penny or put food on their table.

Isn’t that enough to feel sad? I am not actually wishing failure for you, but that’s the harsh truth that cannot be covered.

While a little percent of people reading this will actually succeed and make good names, I am talking about doctors, presidents, pilots, engineers, and so much more lucrative professions.

The simple logic about the above phenomenon, whereby a larger percentage of people will not achieve real success, and a little percent will achieve success is;

  • Majority of people are not willing to make sacrifices and patiently climb the mountain of success, instead, they wish for a shorter route to make money.
  • On the other hand, a minority will do whatever it takes to achieve success, that is why they have to struggle to gain admission first into the University.

If you’re reading this, then your curiosity on how to gain admission no matter what is proof that you actually want a life long-term success. Education can never be disregarded, getting a University degree is quite important than you think.

To be a professional in your field you must be educated. So, it’s all down to why you need to worry about gaining admission in Nigeria.

That is why you have this beautiful topic sitting in your front, and as an inspired writer who cares about the success of people in the world, I am about to show you how to gain admission no matter what, in any University in Nigeria.

Does that sound cool? Alright, let’s ride on.

As a quest to provide educational and reliable guides in wisemaji, I deemed it paramount to iron this topic since your success is our goal. You see, just one day I am going to share all the guides you need to achieve all your life goals, but obviously, I cannot hide the fact.

Earning a degree is the first step for success, remember there are certainly different kinds of life success. But I am referring to that which will adorably land you that dream you have been envisaging. So, without further ado let me share 9 unbelievable tips to gain admission in Nigeria.


Preparing for admission into a Nigerian university

1. To gain admission in Nigeria, think about what is required and provide it.

One thing about life is; ” Success is not hereditary, and failure is not genetic.”

To achieve ‘success’ you must be ready to work for it. In order words to gain admission in Nigeria, you must be ready to do the needful.

The difference between those securing admission and those not securing admission is that, those who secure the admission work harder for it, while others try to manipulate it. The truth is, admission in Nigeria is survival of the fittest if you perform well by providing the requirements for admission, then no witchcraft can stop you from gaining admission.

The basic requirements for admission in Nigerian are!

  • Score very high in Jamb (above cut off mark)

The joint admission and matriculation board examination is the most acceptable means of qualification to gain admission in Nigeria.

However, there are other acceptable qualifications via direct entry such as Jupeb, Ijmb, Nce, Ond, and Hnd.

As of 2019, these are the major qualifications to gain admission in Nigeria.

  • Score high in Post Utme:

Majority of Nigerian Universities, but not all requires students to get a certain score in post utme examination.

See this: How to pass Post UTME

  • Get a good O’level result.

According to Osas Divine Blog statistics on how to gain admission in Nigeria, O’level result is one of the top requirement for gaining admission.

Here is a graphical analysis of factors that determine admission in Nigeria.

factors that determine admission in Nigeria


2. Apply to a University where you know someone:

Assistance really counts these days as a medium of gaining admission in Nigeria, if your qualification is not that high enough to beat the admission competition in Nigeria, then maybe knowing a friend or a relative can ace your admission no matter what. If you don’t know anyone you can still gain admission, just follow the other tips below.

Most lecturers and deans in some Nigerian Universities get special admission spots that they can give to anyone. If you can find one, then your quest for admission in Nigeria would be granted.

Also see: How to succeed at school

3. Choose less Competitive courses:

Most Nigerian institution have specific cut-off marks that students must meet before gaining admission.

The cut-off mark for most courses are high while some are low, apply for the least competitive course and you will certainly gain admission.

Here are Five less competitive course to consider that are very lucrative.\

  • Agriculture
  • Marketing
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Educational Causes
  • Languages

Not only are they less competitive but if gain admission to study this course, your end goal will be undoubtedly unbelievable.

4. Apply for the less Competitive Universities.

In order to gain admission no matter what; come rain come shine. You have to apply for an institution you know you will surely get admission at.

If you are still struggling with one University for years, then it’s time to change.

A larger percent of Nigerian federal institutions are all respected when it comes to Jobs seeking.

Few out of them are not very difficult to gain admission into, just apply when you have all the requirements above, and you will definitely gain admission.

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5. Apply to a university in your catchment area:

In Nigeria, the federal government has selected some primary states for each University, the student from these states are entitled to admission no matter the circumstance unless they do not meet the requirement.

I have faith on your behalf that you will obviously meet the requirements.

But the ball is in your court to play.

Please when seeking for admission in Nigeria choose a University where you belong to the catchment of which I know your admission cannot be denied, it is very important.

6. Have a long-term goal and vision:

Remember how we started this guide, the point I shared about the majority of people failing and the minority passing.

Well, if you dream of success you need to have a long-term goal.

If you have a goal where you include that you must achieve your university degree at a specific time, then I believe you will work towards achieving that goal, no matter how tough things get in the long run.

If you haven’t any goal yet, it’s time to draw one. Good goals keep you on track and ahead of others.

7. Be hopeful and keep believing for success:

There is one thing that attracts success, it’s faith. Believe in yourself and you will see things working fine.

If you have doubts about success or gaining admission then success will not come to you.

Faith is the magnet to success, not just believe but pray along and whatever you desire you will achieve.

You can desire to gain admission in Nigeria for years but never get it, the day you will start believing in yourself and putting things in prayer, believe me, you will gain admission to study the best course and one day you will be a great person.

8. Don’t follow wrong advice or tune in to wrong information.

There’re many agents and tools of confusion about securing admission in Nigeria.

Most people will tell you it is difficult and most people will give you advice that does not count.

Perhaps, the majority of educational bloggers in Nigeria pass wrong information, and they actually know nothing about gaining admission, just to gain attention.

Be careful where you get information and seek advice. Most information you will get will mislead you.

9. Seek for more admission guides:

Finally, I want to draw the cotton to a close by introducing “Osas Divine Blog”

It is very important to read guides, just so that you can have a light in your path to yield success.

You will find lots of educational guides for Nigerian institutions at Osas divine Blog.

Also see: How To Succeed in the University

I hope you enjoy, subscribe to our blog to get more great guides of achieving success in all life categories.

Visit my blog “Osas Divine Blog


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Tips On How To Be Successful: Habits of successful people

Tips On How To Be Successful: Habits of successful people

Everyone wants to be successful whether it’s in your business, career, relationship, family, education etc. All over the world today there are several successful people and when you examine their lives closely, they all have a lot in common. I’m sure you to want to be successful so here are a few tips on how to be successful.

The greatest enemy of success is you. You need to re-evaluate your life, goals and ambitions and start doing things differently.

A positive mindset is key. Developing a positive mindset puts you on the right track to winning.

Success needs to be worked for. You needs skills, effort, and courage to follow your dreams and pursue your goals for you to be successful.

Kill the fear of what if’s and go for what you want. Fear has crushed a lot of hopes, dreams and ambitions. Theres no need to be scared of failure. It is just an opportunity for you to try again.

Don’t settle for average. Some of us want to be average when we can be the best. Successful people alway look for a way to better their lives, they are very competitive and will put in the extra work and effort it takes to get to the top.

10 ways to lead a more satisfying life.

A satisfying life is one where the physical, emotional, mental and social needs are in equilibrium. This life is within your reach if you know the rules to live by.  Life itself is short so why not try to make the best use of it by living your best life? click the link to read…

Go to bed early and be an early riser. Successful people don’t spend their day in bed, they wake up early while others are still asleep to start their day.

Successful people make the time to exercise, eat well and sleep well. Exercise strengthens your body, good food gives your brain the energy it needs to function and sleep revitalizes your body.

Do not procrastinate. Procrastination is a grave where opportunities are buried. 

Read weekly. Successful people read weekly. Reading opens your mind and makes you smarter. Reading 20 mins everyday raises your chance of success.

Health is wealth. Never ignore your health. Take care of your mind and body for without these, you cannot achieve success.

10 Ways To Lead a More Satisfying Life. Rules to live by

10 Ways To Lead a More Satisfying Life. Rules to live by

A satisfying life is one where the physical, emotional, mental and social needs are in equilibrium. This life is within your reach if you know the rules to live by.  Life itself is short so why not try to make the best use of it by living your best life? Below are effective ways to lead a more satisfying life.

Exercise regularly and Eat Healthy Foods

Exercise regularly and eat healthy foods. Try to have more fun with your life. Do not limit yourself and make sure you try everything. Be more spontaneous. You’ll be happy and thankful for all these later in your life.

Limit The Use Of Social Media

Try to limit the excessive use of social media and never compare your life to anyone’s life. People often share their best life on social media and not their actual everyday lives. Read more “ I’ll never compare my life to yours. that’s why I’m happy”.

ways to lead a satisfying life

ways to lead a satisfying life

Stop Living In Your Past

Never hold on to the failed promises of the past but embrace the sweet hope of the future. Living in your past can prevent you from moving into your beautiful future . Embrace the power of “now” and let it work its magic for you. You’ll be happier once you let the burdens of the past go.

ways to lead a satisfying life

Forgive Yourself, Forgive Others

When you hold on to a grudge, you’re like a caged bird and you know caged birds cannot fly. Forgive and let go and you’ll fly so high and your mind will becomes so free. You’ll be free of the shackles of hate and un-forgiveness.


Save Money

Learn to save money. There will be times in your life when your savings will come in handy. A little penny saved everyday can amount to millions in a few years. Wanna learn how to save and invest your money? click to read more: “Money saving tips: tips for better savings”.

save money

save money

Keep in Touch With Family and Friends

Try to always stay in touch with family and friends. If possible, call your mom and dad everyday, they will appreciate your love. Stay in touch with those who matter most. Call your siblings, your best friend and tell them you love them.

friends and family

Learn a new skill

Try to acquire a new skill, teach yourself something new. Whatever you set your mind to can be achieved if you really work hard for it. There are a million plus skills you can acquire and trust me, you’ll never know how a learned skill today can help you tomorrow.

Invest your Time and Energy Wisely

Do not invest your time and energy in things or people that don’t matter. Is it a friend that causes you pain everyday? Cut him/her loose. Is it work? Whatever it is, do not let it add more stress to your life.

ways to lead a satisfying life

Take a Trip

Whenever you can, take a trip, visit new places, embrace new cultures, try new foods and live your life to the fullest. When you travel, it opens your mind and heart. You get to see how people live and interact with others. Your life just becomes more meaningful and interesting when you travel.

Start Your Relationships with the 3C’s

Before you enter any romantic relationship, ensure you start with the 3C’s ; connection, compatibility and chemistry. When you love, love completely, no half measures.  And if the relationship no longer makes you happy, learn to let go. A good relationship can be a constant source of joy and happiness to your life whereas a bad one can only bring you pain and misery. 

ways to lead a satisfying life

ways to lead a satisfying life

5 Good Habits That’ll Transform Your Life Completely..

5 Good Habits That’ll Transform Your Life Completely..

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success if found in your daily routine”. (John C .Maxwell). Habits can either break you or make you. Bad habits once learned can be very difficult to break. Good habits on the other hand is a blessing. Once you develop a good habit, it can put you on the path to success and each and everyone of us want to be successful. Below are five good habits that’ll completely transform your life. 

Exercise regularly 

exercise regularly


The benefits of exercise are too numerous to mention. Read about “the amazing benefits of exercise” and make sure you exercise daily if possible. When you exercise, you feel so much better about yourself. Always remember that you’re the architect of your body so why not give yourself that great body you’ve always wanted. 

Get enough sleep 

get enough sleep

Every one loves a good sleep but we all get so busy that some of us become sleep deprived. It is recommended that we get at least 8 hours of sleep daily. Are you a victim of sleep deprivation and want to learn how to be enough sleep? Read “how to get the perfect sleep every night”.

Drink plenty of water 

drink enough water

There are several benefits of drinking water, one of which is promoting healthy weight management and weight loss coupled with regular exercise and eating the proper diet. Other benefits include flushing out toxins from your body and boosting your immune system. It is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water daily.


Read books 

read books

Reading teaches you how to be wise and also to be an interesting person. From reading, you learn new words, become more fluent in speaking, improves your memory and concentration. The journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page. (Rachel Anders)

Develop a positive mindset 

be positive

Sometimes in life, the going can really get tough. Hard times like these can make us lose hope and become pessimistic. But we must always remind ourselves not to lose hope and instead become optimistic. There’s always a meaning in your life no matter what you go through so next time things don’t go right, look for the little glimmer of hope and remind yourself to always keep a positive attitude towards every situation. 

Top 10 Products that are definitely worth your money: What are some of the best products you’ll love to spend your money on that are genuinely worth your penny? Look no further as these list provides a basic guide to some very good products worth buying . These are very simple yet very essential products that are definitely worth your money.

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