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Different colors, one people. There are 7 continents in the world Asia (50 countries), Africa (54 countries), Antarctica, Australia (14 countries), Europe (51 countries), North America (23 countries) and South America (12 countries). The world population is about 7.6 billion. Just some random facts to get us started.

We all identify with different sects or religions as the case may be. I’m a Christian and in Christianity, God made man in his image and likeness (Genesis 1:27). When God created man, He didn’t categorize us by race, class, religion or whatever. So why do we as mere mortals create a division for ourselves?.

In the past during the slave trade era in Africa, the blacks endured enormous hardship and this was due the belief that one race was more superior to the other.

Although over the years, there have been certain changes. People of different races and cultures are now able to work together, seat on the same tables, use the same toilets, get married to each other etc. Despite these positive changes, a bridge still exists amongst us which shouldn’t be as we are all one in the eyes of God.


I had an altercation once with ‘X’. She is a female of Middle Eastern origin. While we argued about who’s right or wrong, she said these words to me. ‘This is my country and you’re just a guest here so act like a guest’. She probably said that because after all I’m physically different from her, she wouldn’t say these same words to those she considered similar to herself.

To this day, I don’t know what she meant by that but hearing those words, made me think for a moment, what if there were no geopolitical boundaries, what if we all accepted each other as equals; what if there were no countries, no continents. The truth is we are all but guests on earth. This world is not our home because we all live for a while before it’s all over.

Imagine a world where we there’s peace and unity, where skin color doesn’t define who we are, a world where there’s no war, no hunger, no starvation, these are all within our reach but we have to break those barriers of hate, barriers of supremacy, of power, of privilege and replace them with Love, intimacy and kindness.

Human beings have evolved over time in several ways for better adaptability to our environment which is necessary for our survival.

Going across all the continents and countries, we see people of different skin colors. Science explains this as the presence of a group of pigment found in skin, hair and eyes. Looking beyond these, we’re all human beings with the same primary needs of Air, Water, Food, Shelter and Sleep.

Some may say, I’m American Indian, Asian, black or African American, middle easterner, White etc. It’s absolutely normal to identify with an origin because we ought to know our roots. Knowing our roots reminds us of our history.

different colors one people


It’s time to look at the bigger picture. Why does it matter if I’m from Nigeria and others are from Japan, Cuba, Kuwait, U.K, America, Zimbabwe. We all belong to the same race ‘the human race’. Let us consider ourselves as a large group. When we do this, we become closer to each other, we see beyond color, race, religion, and sects. We begin to see each other as brothers instead of two distant strangers.

All over the world, people show disregard to the rights of others, some maintain their superiority of position by depriving others of their opportunities; some are so dependent on power, fame and riches.


love is all we need

Lets us embrace a universal brotherhood. It doesn’t take much to lend a helping hand, to give to those in needs in the little way we can, to treat everyone with respect and speak to them politely. Let LOVE lead, let there be Love shared amongst us and let it begin with me and you.

I look forward to a world of Peace, a world where we don’t have to be victimized because of our skin color, our race, religion because it’s something we can’t change.

It all comes down to the fact that we’re different color, but one people. So let us not try to separate ourselves by creating the race and class division. We should not considers ourselves as superior beings or privileged people either. We’re one and united we stand, but divided, we all fall and perish.


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