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Becoming a fashion stylist. Unfortunately, Wise Maji isn’t your host for this blog post as he has a poor sense of fashion. Maybe not poor let’s say fair, lol. So, I’ll be hosting today and probably subsequently so you can get used to me, it’s alright.

These pictures were taken during fall which is my favorite season of the year. Don’t we all love fall? It’s cold but not too cold, it’s sunny but not terrible. It’s cold and warm, just a perfect mixture of what we need in the right proportions. And off course, you can get away with certain fashion decisions, which is what I love the most; from clothing’s to shoes to makeup, literally everything.

Looking at these pictures took me back to those fall days. On this particular day, I decided I wanted to wear a skirt so I started to build the rest of my outfit from there. I’m not a skirt person as much as I wish I was but I sometimes try to make it work for a change. Maxis or midis are my favorite and if they’re pleated that’s a plus. I also love trying minis that are A-lined. I’d love to know what your favorite type of skirts are and recommendations on other types to try.

Don’t just be stylish be unforgettable

For me deciding an outfit differs daily and could be from zero to a lot of inspiration. I’m someone that loves to plan so on some days, I put in some thoughts into planning my outfit for the next days. Other times, I pick random stuff I haven’t worn once in a while and make an outfit from them. Occasionally, I have pairs of denim trousers that I’ve worn once or twice but hasn’t reached the quota for laundry so I find something to wear them with so I could wash them. The latter is basically my life in the winter.

Like I said earlier, on this day my inspiration was the skirt. After I picked that, I wanted the rest of my outfit to be dark or black colors. I love basic turtle necks especially in black colors. I think they’re a must-have for the colder seasons. So I picked that out.

For my shoes, I went with an ankle boot. This one is sock style ankle boot which I really love. It was new at that time and I wanted to try them out as soon as I could, everyone loves new things right?
And off course, when in doubt, wear a leather jacket and that was how I sealed the look.

Wait! I forgot my backpack. That’s my everyday school bag. I’m not big on bags, I don’t own a lot so this backpack of mine always come in handy.
Now, the look is sealed.

I hope you enjoyed this post
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Thanks and Happy Holidays

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