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Every year that passes, we all want to improve or strive to be better than the previous year. Below are tips on how to be productive this year.

5 Tips on how to be productive:

Be humble – Try to be humble in everything you do. Be respectful of others. Humility takes away arrogance, boastfulness, and aggressiveness. Humility allows us not to think of ourselves too highly. When you don’t know something, be willing to learn from others. Always be humble in all your doings and wherever you go.

Perseverance– When you set a goal for yourself, never give up on it. Work relentlessly to achieve that goal. Even if you fail along the way which sometimes you might, don’t stay down. Get back up and keep moving forward. And you will eventually achieve your set goals. Persevere against all the odds and in the end, you’ll feel fulfilled. Perseverance is persistence in doing something even if their might be some difficulties or delay in achieving success.

Discipline – You have to be disciplined in everything you do. Be disciplined in your thoughts, actions and words. Without discipline, we cannot achieve success or happiness. When you decide to do something, make sure you do it at all costs. Think clear, manage your time wisely, and work hard to achieve your goals, set daily goals and try to achieve them. Studying medicine is not an easy thing but its discipline that gets me through.

Patience – Patience they say is a virtue. Good things take time. When we’re patient, we’re able to tolerate delays, pain, suffering,and annoyance, without loss of temper or irritation. Don’t expect for things to pull through in a couple of days, weeks, or even months. Understand that nothing good in life comes easy. Patience is the ability to wait till the traffic light turns green.

Wisdom – Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding- Proverbs 4:7. Never stop seeking for answers. Read lots of books. Ask questions. Never stop learning. One thing I pray for my life every day is wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Create a vision board for yourself and pin these principles. Apply each and every one of then thoroughly and see how your life transforms.

Look at your vision board first thing in the morning as you wake up and try to apply at-least one or two of these tips.

Information is never profitable unless we apply them. So find a way to help yourself apply these tips above. Make a conscious effort at each point in time during the day, week or month to work on it and you’ll notice tremendous changes. Read more here:

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