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Here’s a follow up on my previous post “10 Things You Should Know Before Starting Medical School”. Medical school as you may or may not know has and will always have different impact on different people so I did a survey where I asked people what they wish they knew before they started medical school and below are their responses. 

Ekpette Nyemajiye : Nigeria
  • I wish I knew how time consuming it would be.
  • I wish I knew that 6 years in medical school is just the beginning of my career in medicine.
Angela Azinta : Nigeria
  • Getting into medical school is hard, getting through is harder but the hardest of them all is post graduation. What to do after? Exams to write, what to do for specialty, which country? Etc.
  • Medicine is not just about care. It’s a full time job, it’s a lifestyle. You deserve to earn a lot from it. Money is very important. I can’t over stress it.
  • Medical school takes a longtime. Yeah in-fact, you’re forever a medical student.
  • I wish I used my holidays more efficiently because they hardly come by now.
  • I wish I focused more on my hobbies and skills instead of use time as an excuse because time will never be sufficient. I realized this much later.
Annisha Skinnier : Jamaica
  • Before I started medical school, I wish I knew that high school studying practices don’t work. You need to be mentally prepared to revamp your studying practices
  • That we actually look like cuts of beef on the inside and that it’s Normal to get hungry after your first anatomy practical. Don’t feel bad or guilty. You’re not alone
  • Get your first and second year text books from 4-5th year students. Don’t need to buy them new and you can pass them on when you’re done
  • Oh, crying is Normal and healthy. Locking yourself in a bathroom stall for a 10 minutes is a perfectly acceptable behaviour.
  • Seek help if you need it and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The people staying silent behind you will also benefit from whatever answer the lecturer gives
  • As hard as it may seem, find time for at least one hobby. Not related to Medicine or the hospital or sick people. Something away from health.
  • Sometimes your friends that aren’t studying or studying medicine wont understand and thats ok. They wont understand your struggles or how you manage your time. Just keep focused on what you have to do.
  • Sometimes your family wont understand either. My aunt kept talking about graduating with honors while I was trying to claw my way up out of a deep depression. I’d tell her to stop but she just didn’t get it.
  • If you’re studying abroad like me, people will want to be friends just for English practice or free medical advice. You neighbors will be kinder and nicer. Random people will walk up and talk to you more. So don’t be surprised or hurt by it. There are good, nice people out there, just have to sift through the other ones to find them.
  • make sure your professors know you or know your face. Recommendations come in handy and aren’t always easy to get.
  • FAILURE IS INEVITABLE. Could be with a class or taking a blood sample. It’s gonna happen and don’t freak out or feel bad or embarrassed when it does. Don’t fear it happening again either. Just swallow it and keep it moving. I’ve seen it break people.Gonna happen one way or another. Don’t fear it. Embrace it. If you own it, it cannot control you. THIS I WISH I KNEW THE MOST.
  • You get used to sticking your fingers up butts or vaginas. It’s no big deal. You’ll see lots of dicks. That’s no big deal. Don’t be nervous. It’s just like looking up someone’s nose. Just explain what you have to do and why you’re doing it. People will freak out if you don’t.
Dzemil Dizdarevic : Serbia
  • Well, I wish someone had told me I really would have to limit my social activities in order to pass all the exams
  • I wish honestly that someone had told me being a doctor involves working 32 hours straight
  • I wish someone had told me that its all worth it
Tawfiq Alqeisi: Jordan
  • I wish I knew I wasn’t going to be the same person after 6 years. I decided as a child.
Oluwagbotemi Olulade : Nigeria
  • I wish they told me your books and smartness is not enough.
  • I wish they told me that medicine has to be something you really want to do because you’ll have to make a lot of sacrifices along the way.
Muhiddin Hassan : Kenya

I didn’t know I could make better money outside medicine

Merve Akbas : Cyprus
  • I wish they told me that graduating medical school is just the beginning.
  • I wish they told me that medicine is not like it’s portrayed in movies

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