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I’ve read some interesting blogposts these past few months and they have really helped by giving me a more positive outlook on life in general. The great thing about reading is that it opens your mind to new things, gives you a different perspective and sometimes offer you the opportunity to deeply reflect on your life. By reading we can experience intellectual growth. Sir Francis Bacon said “reading makes a man full”. There are several blogposts out there on personal development and below, I would be sharing 10 of my favorite blog posts; all you have to do is click on the blue link to read each post.

Anything Is Possible If You Pay The Price – a post outlining the fact that you can do anything and be anything you want to be as long as you are willing to pay the price. There’s no limit to how far you will soar as long as you set your mind to paying the price and do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. The only thing standing in your way is YOU. This blog post is very helpful if you’re looking for motivation to do anything e.g. to study, starting a very demanding task, embarking on an adventure. This is by far the best blogpost I ever read because it has taught me to always pay the price.

Stop Spending So Much Time In Your Head – Are you the type of person that spend their day having about meaningless thoughts?, stressing about one thing or another or just living off the ideas in your head, then this is for you. As this article puts it, majority of your thoughts are useless thoughts so why not take control of your mind and focus on what really matters.  

Whatever You Do, Just Start – A lot of people have goals they want to fulfill but can’t get themselves to start. They always come up with one excuse or another, if you find yourself in this category then this post is for you. It encourages you that no matter what it is you want to achieve, just start .Don’t doubt yourself or fear failure, starting is the most important thing and once you start, your passion will keep you striving forward.

Your Human-Size Life – Whatsoever you do, do not bite more than you can chew. Live a normal life and look for what makes you happy. Money itself can make your burdens lighter but it is not a guarantee for happiness. This blog post addresses the importance of living a human sized life.

What Is Your Life Goal? Success or Significance? – I’m sure some of us have set life goals for ourself. Of course most of us want to be successful but when you read this blogpost, it makes you question if life is all about being successful or being significant. 

Stop Waiting for The Perfect Time. There isn’t One – most of us have at one point in time said “I‘m waiting for the right time to execute A or B, but the right time never come. The best time to act on something is NOW, are you planning to take a trip, start an art class, get a gym membership, then what are you waiting for? Read this blog post and get on your heels to starting that thing at the back of your mind. 

Life Is Simple: Get Out Of Your Own Prison : Indeed life is very simple. We as humans often tend to complicate things with our thoughts and actions. Read this blogpost to get out of the prison you’ve created for yourself. You don’t have to wait to see the end of the road before you begin your journey. 

Start With Patience – Patience they say is a virtue. We are never patient anymore, we often want everything to move or go as fast as possible. But what does it truly mean to be patient? This blogpost highlights the answer you’re looking for. Patience is taking a moment to breathe and breathe and breathe again while waiting for something to workout instead of having to rush it.

Every Fulfilling Relationship Starts With How You See Your Partner – I believe that one of our purpose in this world is LOVE – To love and be loved. We all want to have a happy and fulfilling relationship, it doesn’t have to be just romantic relationships. And how can you have a fulling relationship? Well it’s simple and it start with the the way you see your partner. Seeing your partner in a special way can only lead to more understanding and love. This post teaches you what to look for in your partner to guarantee a meaningful and fulfilling relationship.

I will Never Compare My Life To Yours. That’s Why I’m Happy – going through all social media platforms today, we see different people showcasing their lives, some of them false while some true. We often make the mistake of trying to compare ourselves to others. We are caught up in saying things like; he drives a better car than me , lives in a better house etc. This article analyzes why you shouldn’t compare your life to anyone’s life.


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