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Ritualized Infanticide as the name implies is the intentional killing of infants. It takes several forms such as child sacrifice, abandoning the infant to die of hunger/ starvation etc. I stumbled on this image some days ago and the caption read. ‘A young girl from the Kara tribe in the Omo Valley of Southern Ethiopia. A survivor of ritualized infanticide practiced by the tribe’. Twitter: @storiesofpeople. 

I really got curious to know the meaning of ‘ritualized infanticide’. In my quest for finding the answers, I found a heart breaking result and I’m still shook that such practices as highlighted below still exists in this modern era.

A Child must not be killed due to wicked cultural beliefs and practices. Ritualized infanticide is still very much practiced in some cultures in remote areas.

I want to draw your attention to the Kara tribe in southwest Ethiopia where tribes still practice ritualized infanticide. In the Kara tribe, When unmarried couples bear children, it means this child is cursed or unclean. It is perceived that these children are full of sin and would bring bad luck to the family or tribe.

For many generations, these innocent babies have been killed, they are either left out in the bush to starve or be eaten by wild animals. The belief system is that if this child lives, something bad will begin to happen to the family members. Either they begin to die horribly or an epidemy occurs or there’ll be famine in the land. So the best way to prevent these is to kill the poor innocent children.

Also the appearance of the child’s first teeth in the upper jaw instead of the lower jaw, signifies a cursed or evil child. Innocent children are pushed off high mountains or are thrown in the river to drown or eaten by crocodiles.

These cultures are wrong and shouldn’t be practiced

What annoys me is that there have been cases where some parents agree not to partake in ritualized infanticide but at the dying minute, change their minds and heed to their cultural beliefs and practices.

There are infanticide cases of girls in India and other parts of Asia for whatever barbaric reasons. All over the world, there have also been cases of illegal abortion but only in few remote places is there an organized way of killing due to the wrong cultural belief system that these children carry a curse.

The deliberately killing and abandoning of offspring by their parents is the most heartless thing anyone would do. The children are left to die of starvation, left for predators, drowned in the river or being pushed off the mountains.

The fact that ritualized infanticide is still practiced today is so unimaginable. Before now, I’ve only believed things like this happen in movies. There is no justifiable reason for killing these poor infants and such practices must be abhorred. It’s time for the minds of these people to be renewed and for them to leave behind the archaic practices of their forefathers.

Evil must not prevail

I’m of the belief that two individuals of a normal mental state should be able to make decisions for themselves and the society must respect their autonomy at all cost. These people have the right to reproduce and should also have the freedom to decide if and when to do so.

More so one of the major reasons for these pregnancies is the inadequate knowledge of contraceptive methods. If these people had the right knowledge for the prevention of unplanned pregnancy or teenage pregnancy or pregnancy out of wedlock then there would be no cause to kill these innocent children. These people should have access to safe, affordable, and acceptable methods of contraception so as not to be victims of their weird cultural practices.

Ritualized infanticide is wrong on all levels. It’s immoral and contradicts the basic human rights which include; right to life, freedom from torture, freedom from slavery etc.

Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world. “Nelson Mandela”. Education changes the mind of people, it brings enlightenment.

The government must enforce strict laws and organize campaigns against infanticide.

Life is a treasure, we should cherish it. Everyone deserves a chance at life. Life is for the living, we shouldn’t take that away from anyone; not even because of our mistakes. Read more blog posts.

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