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Many students consider studying to be a very difficult thing to do. I do sometimes especially when I have piles of materials to study and there’s no motivation to even start studying. The thought of studying can cause us a lot of stress which also contributes to our inability to study. The truth is, studying doesn’t have to be a difficult process. There are several tips on how to study efficiently so in this article, I’ll be writing about tips on being a successful student.

Being a medical student, it took me a while to discover the method of studying that works for me. One of the reasons many students fail is because they follow the wrong study methods. There are different methods of studying and not all methods works for everyone but there’s always a method that’ll work for you. All you have to do is to keep trying and searching and it’ll definitely come to you and you’ll be on the path of becoming a successful student.


Self-confidence is the belief in oneself and abilities

In my last post ‘how to succeed at school’ I emphasized the importance of hard work and perseverance which remains the core foundation of becoming a successful student. When you have these two principles on your mind, then you’ll develop the habit of studying that will work for you.

Habits of Successful students

Be organized: Organization is very important. For me, it is the first step in school success. Make a plan of what you want to achieve in school and stick to your goal. I usually keep a journal to help me plan everything out and I think you can adopt my method too. Write out your homework, topics you were taught in school etc. Make your journal your friend and by so doing, you’ll be able to be more organized.

Do not multitask: When you’re studying, give your full attention to it. Ensure you devote maybe 2 hours to studying, and afterwards you can take a break to tend to other emergencies before you resume studying again.

social media addiction

Young adults have consistently been the heaviest users of social media


Sleep well: In my last post “how to get the perfect sleep every night” I emphasized the importance of sleep. When you sleep well, you’ll have a sound mind and body and this will increase your school performance.

Make a schedule for yourself: do you study best during the day or at night? Do you like studying in a quiet place of a noisy one? These are things you need to figure out for yourself and make a schedule that works for you.

Take notes in class: attend your lecture and take notes in class. The lecturer explain a lot of things that are usually not in his lecture notes so make sure you attend all your classes and you can always rewrite your lecture notes by hand. This way, you’ll be able to understand the lecture better.

always prepare notes in school

always prepare notes in school

Study: devote adequate time to study. It’s best to start studying a long time before your exam then review what you studied as you approach very close to your exam date. Make sure you don’t cram and try to understand what you’re studying.


Scientifically speaking; early morning studies are not only more productive but also enhances the brain capacity. Here are five secrets about early morning studying that will definitely make you change the way you study forever.

Things you must do to be a Successful Student

Control your focus: don’t be distracted by the use of social media and other distractive platforms. Let your study time be only for studying and you can go back to other activities after studying.

ensure to use study apps while studying

ensure to use study apps while studying

Use study Apps: ensure to use study apps while studying whether it be flash cards or apps offering such purposes. I sometimes use YouTube to watch some lectures tutorials I don’t understand clearly in class and this helps a lot.

Eat right: When you eat right, you supply your brain with the right energy source to function properly. “Read more on good nutrition”

Listen to music: I find listening to classical music very helpful because it relaxes my mind. You can try this too and maybe it might work for you. “Here’s a link to one of my favorite study music”

early morning study

early morning study

Start studying early: when you start studying early, you overcome the stress that comes during the last days before your exam and this also allows you more time to review what you studied. “Learn how to manage stress”

Search online: when you study: make use of resources online. There are many websites offering crash courses of important subjects you have might deficits in.

Make a timetable for yourself: this enables you to access and manage your time wisely. Give priority to your difficult subjects while making your timetable and ensure to stick to it.

Eat fresh and healthy

Eat fresh and healthy


Secrets of Successful Student

You need to be very dedicated in school in order to achieve school success. “Read about how to succeed in school”. Below are secrets of successful students.

• Learn to write with your hand and avoid using laptops or other typing platforms as this activates several areas in your brain and may lead to faster memory recall.

Don't hesitate to ask questions

Don’t hesitate to ask questions


• Practice active recall when you study. You study smart by recalling information you studied.

• Go to bed early and rise up early to prepare for school. Most people fall victims of studying all night and this might lead to sleeping in class missing out on important topics.


The pursuit of success may be different for everyone. It partly depends on what your definition of success might be. Most of us want to be rich, famous, comfortable and happy in life. The journey to success is different for everyone but education plays a vital role in…Read More

• Ask questions about topics you don’t understand and make sure you’re clear in a particular topic before moving to the next.

• As stated before, feed your brain with the right kind of food as this enables you to function at your full capacity.


Time management is very important

Time management is very important


• Always have a positive mindset about school. Having a positive look about school already sets you on the path to success.

• Always make time for reflection. Reflect on what you’ve learnt in school and what you studied. Always take small breaks for reflection in between study hours.

The pressure on children to achieve high levels of academic success is overriding the joys of education and making kids anxious and depressed


• The quality of what you’re studying is more important than the quantity so control your focus when studying.

group study is a smart way

group study is a smart way


• Always persevere regardless of setbacks you might encounter. Resilience and hard work pays off.

• You can engage in group study activities to help you understand better. I love group studies because it helps me on important areas I might have missed while studying.

• Chewing gums can be helpful too. Studies have shown that it may help improve your focus.

Chewing gums can be helpful to concentrate

Chewing gums can be helpful to concentrate

Tips on Being a Successful Student

• Make your studies a priority
• Be punctual to school
• Avoid cheating at all cost
• Stay focused in all you do
• Try not to compare yourself to others
• Ensure to keep improving yourself with each exam
• Have a positive mindset
• Pay attention to all your lectures 

• Take notes in class
• Ask relevant questions
• Participate in class activities
• Avoid all distractions in your classroom
• Have a good rapport with your teachers
• Make a schedule/time table for yourself
• Find a study method that works for you
• Take enough breaks
• Always stay hydrated
• Avoid the use of cellphones or other electronic gadgets in class
• Chose a very comfortable study environment
• All works no play make jack a dull student so always make time for fun.
• Use study apps while studying
• Eat right by giving your body the right type of nutrition
• Ensure to search online resources for information you do not understand
• Rewrite your notes by hand
• Listen to music
• Sleep well
• Start studying early

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