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Are we taking good care of our health? Our health is our most important gift but we often take it for granted. Without good health, we cannot function. How much do you know about your health? This list highlights how to be healthy. 

Take a moment to really think of when you were sick. How did you feel? Did you want to remain sick or you wanted to get better? I’m sure we all wanted the later because the feeling of being sick isn’t something anyone would want. Do you want to know how to be healthy? keep reading to find out. 

Exercise Regularly

Everyone needs exercise. A sedentary lifestyle has a negative effect on the body. People who are active most of the time are less likely to develop a cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and are less likely to die early. Read about the benefits of exercise.

Check your Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar

Once in a while, ensure to check your blood pressure and blood sugar. These are silent killers and usually do not give symptoms in the early stages. At least for a start, ensure to get checked once a year. 

Protect your Teeth

Do not use a hard toothbrush and when you brush, don’t brush too hard. Brushing too hard wears away your gum. Overtime your gum becomes very weak and your teeth will fall out. It will also be prone to bleeding easily. Also never neglect your tongue. Wash away the plaques built up on the surface of the tongue everyday. 

Do not wash the inside of  your Vagina with Soap

It is good for us to stay clean and women might often be tempted to wash inside their vaginas with soap. Washing your vagina with such products can disrupt the ph of your vagina and can cause yeast infection. The vagina is self cleansing and does not need any product to make it clean. You can wash the Labia with a mild soap. 

Don’t Abuse Antibiotics 

Never abuse drugs. Many people fall into the habit of using antibiotics for every illness. Antibiotics are medications that are effective against bacterial infections. So ensure to visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis of what illness you have before you take drugs. 

Avoid Drug Overdose 

Don’t overdose on drugs. Drug overdose can actually kill you. Taking more than the prescribed drug dosage can cause serious harm to your liver and kidneys. Drugs can have adverse side effects if not used correctly.

Quit smoking 

Smokers are liable to die young. Smoking has several adverse effects on the body including cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, low sperm count, lung cancer and other forms of cancer. Smoking damages the neurons in the brain and can cause dementia. Smoking can cause dentition problems leaving you with very poor oral hygiene. More so, smoking can lead to an unhealthy skin where the skin becomes wrinkled and dry and you start aging prematurely. 

Protect your Sexual Health

Be mindful of your sexual health. It is advisable to stick to one partner, but in cases of having multiple partners, you should take proper measures to protect yourself from sexually transmitted disease. STDs are spread by having unprotected-sexual  intercourse with infected partners. They include HIV, Syphilis, genital warts, gonorrhea etc. prevention they say is better than cure. 

Never neglect your Health 

Do not neglect your body and health. Men and women sometimes can pee blood when they urinate. Blood in urine needs to be reported to your doctor because it’s an emergency which could be life threatening. There might be several causes of blood in urine including urinary tract infection, prostate cancer in men, kidney failure, etc. Read about how you can improve your health. 

Avoid detoxifying Products

Please be warned that the kidneys and liver are two major detoxifying organs of the body. You don’t need any herbal mixtures to help you detox’s. Most of these mixtures are  poisonous to the body and can often do more harm than good.

Check your Blood Sugar 

Diabetes is one of the scariest diseases you can have if left untreated. It can cause ‘neuropathies’ which can lead to limb amputation, ‘retinopathy’ which can cause blindness and ‘nephropathy’ which causes kidney failure. Type 2 diabetes is really prevalent so if you want to avoid all these complications, ensure to check your blood sugar frequently.

Limit Alcohol consumption 

Excessive Alcohol consumption can seriously damage your health. It has been linked to liver diseases, vitamin deficiencies, malnourishment, brain damage including; blurred vision, slurred speech, very slow reaction time. Alcohol consumption is also a major case of road traffic accidents, domestic violence, suicide etc. 

Learning how to be healthy doesn’t cost a thing. It only requires your time and effort. I hope this post was indeed helpful in teaching you how to be healthy.

Everyone wants to be successful whether it’s in your business, career, relationship, family, education etc. All over the world today there are several successful people and when you examine their lives closely, they all have a lot in common. I’m sure you to want to be successful so here are a few tips on how to be successful.

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